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track name: Wicked Game
artist: HIM
album: 666 Ways to Love: Prologue
play count: 242


my only contribution to this meme

Mabuchi Kou x Yoshioka Futaba || K O U T A B A


Gerard and Mikey Way at the ‘07 EMAs. (picture credit)

What  a  romantic  evening

Twelve… Th-The… The bombs… I…


Remus Arthur Potter, you were named after two men who looked out for my safety and cared about my well-being out of altruism and decency rather than because I was a tool for them to use or because I was someone’s son.

"Not the Minimum risk now!"


ALL TIME LOW + Music Videos

requested by s-acrilegiou-s

[MCR] [FOB] [P!ATD] [5SOS] [TA]